• First vec Lan: March 16, 2012

  • Secured vec.co.za: may 5, 2013

  • TS server started: Oct 18, 2015

VEC started as a LAN group comprised of a group of friends at [REDACTED], Cape Town, March 16th 2012. It was the last school day for the term, so the principal suggested a movie day but jules suggested the ICT students bring their computers and they could LAN on the table tennis table. It was at this LAN that the very first [VEC] tag was first displayed, in a Call Of Duty Zombies game…

In 2013 the domain VEC.CO.ZA was secured after another company failed to renew it. Using the powers of Hamachi and Teamspeak (ts), vec took their LAN group online. Since Cola had a 2meg ADSL line, while the rest had 384K, he hosted a ts server until vec found their first ts home Web African Gaming Experience.

When WAGE closed down in mid-2014, vec moved to AfriGamer(AFG) where they briefly ran AFG’s DDRace servers. When AFG was shut down in January 2015, vec then helped create ArKeGa(RKGA) in place of AFG. Eventually Afrihost shut RKGA down because they saw it as a loss (they weren’t making a profit).

A random steam friend Etteritus gave vec his ts server that he was paying for but wasn’t using. Vec occupied this ts until it went down after a month, after Etteritus had forgotten to pay for it. After a few days had passed vec connected to the ts server IP out of curiosity, the server address had been recycled and was being run by a new user, Voxxed. vec told him what had happened and he kindly welcomed vec to his server renaming it to “VEC and Friends” and gave us admin permissions. Eventually, in October 2015, vec started hosting their own Virtually Evolved Community ts server.

Over the years vec hosted various private servers, mainly being Minecraft, TeeWorlds, Terraria and COD (there were others). Mid 2016, due to internal conflict, members of the VEC core broke away and created a ts server, ts.hwzt.co.za and steam community called HOWZIT (hwzt).

In October 2018, HWZT and VEC merged back into one community run by the last two active members of the OG vec, colarem and jules, hosting ZAGA’s ts server: ts.zaga.co.za. In January 2019, vec realized they would rather grow their own community and brand rather than someone else’s, thus renaming the ts server back to Virtually Evolved Community.

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